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  • Genuine Jumbo OSTRICH Feather Duster 34" Length

    Made of real ostrich feathers on a hardwood stick. If you've never tried ostrich, forget synthetic fiber dusters and get the real thing! Ostrich feathers shake out easily, yet build up static cling to safely remove dust from your most precious items. 34" overall length. 16" feathers with 14" diameter spread.

    HOW TO CLEAN A FEATHER DUSTER: If the duster is made with real feathers, then clean it by fluffing it through corn starch. Buy several small boxes of corn starch and empty them into a stout plastic bag. Insert the feathers into the bag, then twist the bag tightly against the duster handle so the starch is contained. Shake the duster vigorously to make the starch sift through the feathers. Repeat this process until the feathers are clean.

    $19.27 save 10%
  • Poly Wool Acrylic Extra Long Extension Duster 48"-82" Metal Twist Lock Handle

    Non-allergenic, acrylic wool duster attracts dust by electrostatic action. Perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach places. Can be washed in warm water and mild detergent Extended handle expands from 48" - 82". Handle is a 3/4" aluminum shaft with a twist lock to hold extender at prefered length. The duster will remove from the handle so it can be used as a hand-held tool for tighter spaces.

    $16.02 save 38%
  • Poly Wool Duster 24" Length

    Multi-colored polyester duster, washable, 24" overall length. Non-allergenic, polyester duster attracts dust by electrostatic action. Perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach places. Can be washed in warm water and mild detergent.

    $3.24 save 10%
  • Real Lambswool Extension Duster 33-45" Length

    A long-wearing, highly absorbent, washable wool duster on a telescopic handle. Soft, long-combing wool in uncolored natural fiber. May be hand washed in warm water and mild detergent. Nothing beats the REAL thing! Handle extends from 33" to 45".

    TIP: Natural lambswool may be gently washed in mild soap and warm water, but you may also place the head in a plastic bag with a couple of ounces of corn starch. Close the bag tightly and shake well to clean the wool fiber.


    $13.76 save 10%
  • Round Polypro Flagged Specialty Duster and Extention Handle (9" diameter head)

    The perfect solution for dusting walls, ceilings, corners, vents, venetian blinds, etc. Soft flagged filament, light weight and economical. Telescopic handle extends from 35" to 49". Head is 9" in diameter.

    $10.11 save 15%
  • Wilen Microflex Microfiber Duster Refill (3 per pack) OEM E224100

    Microfiber refills are durable and made to last - simply rinse away dirt with water after every use. For use with the Wilen Microflex Duster Tool. Sleeve easily slides on the tool and locks in place with Velcro strip. (See Related Items below.) Washable and launderable microfiber polyester will last a very long time. Packed 3 refills per box. Dimensions: 3" wide x 22" long x 1/2" thick.

    $27.90 save 23%
  • Wilen Microflex Microfiber Flexible Duster Tool with Sleeve OEM E224000

    Latest in microfiber technology - a dusting tool that bends to virtually any shape for all those hard to dust areas (like pipes, ducts, below funiture). Flexible, thin foam frame allows for effective cleaning in tight, hard-to-reach areas. Frame accepts a hand-held handle or either of our Pro Flat mop handles (see Related Products below) for high area cleaning. Microfiber polyester refill is extremely durable and will last a long time. Simply rinse away dirt with water after use or throw in the laundry. Comes with one duster sleeve. Duster refills available separately (see Related Products below). Add optional extention handle below for a longer reach! Dimensions: 2" wide x 28" long x 1/2" thick.

    $40.32 save 32%

  • Hi, I have used this vacuum for weeks now and it is great. The site was easy to navigate, the only problem I had was I couldn\'t seem to order the bags right with the vacuuum, it was hard to figure out how to include it with original order without returning to original place. I gave an excellent rating to customer service but I actually did not have to use it.

  • This company always has exactly what I need at a fair price and the delivery time is excellent.Thank you!!

  • The delivery was prompt, boxed up very nicely,packaged carefully in good condition and left right where I asked them to. The vacuuum itself is very lightweight and easy to use.

  • Rick was so wonderful to work with. I am a novice, attempting to wax my concrete floors for the first time. He explained equipment to me, as well as the difference with the brush attachments. No one in the Local Dallas area came close to his expertise! Thank you Rick!

    — Tracy C
  • Customer service was very helpful. I asked them to ship on a specific date (as the purchase was a birthday gift), and they did it. Granted, the gift got there late, but i don\'t think it was the merchants fault. probably the shipping was slow. They also said they\'d make sure the packing slip didn\'t have any prices on it. I was impressed.

  • I will be ordering from this merchant again! No Problems!

  • I am writing to tell you that I am in love with your product \"Scouring Stick\" for toilets. I have been battling lime and rust deposits in my toilet and haven\'t been able to find anything that worked. After lots of money and frustrating attempts, I decided to try your product. I wish I would have tried it sooner. It made my toilet look brand new again without damaging the porcelain. I have told everyone in my family about this amazing product. Thank you for making something that is so easy on the environment, my wallet and my sanity. Wayna W. Salem, MO

    — Wayna W.
  • Very good online store and you can find rare items here. I would buy from MarkoInc again and will recommend to others

  • Super Fast Shipping. Product exactly as described. How do you get better than perfect?

  • Service and price were outstanding. Product I have been purchasing for years at $18.00 per can was about $7.00 by purchasing 10 cans and this was not a problem. It arrived in two days (regular shipping). This merchant gets the very highest rating possible as far as I am concerned and I do not pass out high ratings without good reason. Carolyn Doyle